Here's some stuff that you'll want to know.

I don't charge Lifies. This is just for fun.

This will always be last minute, sorry.
We fly at 9am 11am 1pm and 3pm
You'll usually hear from me MAYBE an hour ahead of time.
The more short notice you can handle, the easier it is. I'll TXT the people that are available on the day and it's a bit of a "first come" situation.

Work comes first.
I can get pulled for work at any moment. Usually, once I'm heading off on a trip I don't get the call. It's happened before, but it's unusual.
Before the trip leaves town however, your guess is as good as mine. I get a fair amount of last minute bookings.

We try to go up Green Gates as much as we can. It's our preferred takeoff spot and it's a stellar flight.
Sometimes the winds are better for M1 and sometimes we wind up at the Car Park.
Every once in a blue moon, we wind up over at the Crown Terrace (the zig zag road). 
We follow the winds.
Sometimes we get to takeoff and decide not to fly. We're very conservative and the weather changes fast here as you no doubt know well.
Just be ready for the plan to change or even end on a moments notice.

What to bring:
Lift Pass

We have boots and helmets, but your gear will fit you better.
Dress like you're going skiing. It's pretty similar.
The $10 is for the landing field fee. It goes to the land owner.

I'll take photos/videos and give them to you on an SD card.
If you could return that card to Hamish when you're done, that'd be great.
If you want to bring your own micro-sd card, I'll be happy to use it. Just make sure it's blank and is at least 4 gig.

Where to meet:
Our Office in town
The Coronet Peak Turnoff
Up on Coronet

The Skytrek office is 45 Camp Street
We share it with Zip Trek
It's right downtown across from The Station Building, near the Clock Tower.

If you meet at the office, plan on being there 15 minutes early.
We'll leave then if the passengers show up on time. They won't wait for you, sorry. So just be there 15 minutes before the hour and it'll be sweet.

If you want to meet us at the Coronet Peak Turnoff or up the mountain, you've got a little more time.
It takes us 10 minutes from town to get to the turnoff, and 20 minutes to Green Gates, so if you're at the turnoff 5 minutes or so before the hour, you'll likely be sweet. If you're up the mountain, ten past or so is good. We usually prefer Green Gates, but just check with me when I'm heading up. I always have my phone on me... txt or call. It's all good.

Be ready to have an awesome time.
This doesn't disappoint.
Coronet is the highest commercial takeoff spot for paragliders in New Zealand. The flight down is quite simply amazing.